About Us

Modern Meads, Ancient Inspirations

We are a brewer owned independent Meadery having as much fun as possible plundering mead’s long history for inspiration. Founded by Stephen – the Mead Maker – we exist because he could never buy the drinks he read about in the Viking Sagas, Roman histories and other Ancient and Medieval texts. As a self- confessed history obsessive he wanted to see what history tasted like…. so he began brewing back in the mid 1990s. After many years amusing himself he decided to found Wanderer Mead and share the fun.

As far as is possible we use local Tasmanian ingredients. The honey comes mostly from northern Tasmania and is raw and unfiltered. Mead being made from fermented honey means that excellent honey is critical – and in Tasmania we are lucky to have some of the best in Australia. We source locally grown seasonal fruit and source spices and herbs locally when possible.

Our focus as a Meadery is in making easy drinking lower ABV ‘Session’ Meads plus ‘Pet Nat’ Meads and some still sweeter styles. (Check out our shop for what is in stock.)  Added to these regular lines we are always experimenting so check out our limited releases to see what we have been up to. The flavours are inspired by history and come from ancient recipes, knowledge about the ancient spice trade and by experimentation. There is no ‘standard’ anything at Wanderer Mead. Expect difference.